Why be Afraid of Legal Cannabis in Your State?

By Alicia Renee

Colorado raked in $500 million taxing cannabis businesses since recreational use was legalized in 2012. This year alone, $9.2 million in cannabis tax revenue will go towards hiring more school nurses and counselors to expand medical marijuana services from a health perspective. Colorado showed nothing but progress. Crime decreased by 5%, suicide rates plummeted. Even the amount of people overdosing on prescribed drugs fell:

“We found there was about a 25% lower rate of prescription painkiller overdose deaths on average after implementation of a medical marijuana law” Author and Dr. Marcus Bachhuber

Colorado banked so much money, “Voters approved Proposition BB in 2015, allowing the state to retain and spend $66.1 million in marijuana tax revenue, rather than refunding it to voters.” Hello, Illinois, are you paying attention?!?

The cons I’ve read; children may get their hands on laced cookies or gummy bears, police don’t know if candy is candy or canna-infused, nor do they have a way of testing “drugged-drivers”; and the youth maybe more inclined to partake.

I’m from, Edwardsville, Il, all the cons existed if marijuana were legal or not (emoji eyes).

If you’re afraid of legalization and believe, having a dispensary or cultivation farm in or around your community, will result in crime and youth drug abuse rising. Think logically, what you’re saying is, by having Walgreens on every corner your kids will become “pill poppers.” pun intended.