How can we break the stigma of Cannabis?

By: Alicia Renee

Through education. Being raised in the Midwest without proper education of marijuana you describe weed as “Loud” or “Reggie” and occasionally you may get that “Gas”. What you may also hear is that marijuana kills brain cells and causes laziness; that there are over 500 chemical compounds and they cause cancer. That you will lose professional opportunities and succumb to another drug use (Gateway) if you use it.

Side note: Understand this about laziness, it’s like an addict, one cannot simply become one, it’s a part of your personality. So, if you were lazy before, you’re going to be lazy after your introduction to marijuana; especially if you partake of the Indica strain.

Moving out to the Northwest, I quickly learned that there are actual names for each marijuana strain and they have healing properties that prevent and cure diseases and/or relieve stress and other ailments like inflammation and pain.

For example: Charlotte’s web was named after a little girl name Charlotte who had violent epileptic seizures; hundreds weekly. After being treated with this specific strain of cannabis, her seizures reduced to none; maybe one a week. Because of this, many families moved to Colorado with their sick children.

But with all this “new” information, how do you decipher what is true and what’s not?

1.    Check the source; ensure the person/entity isn’t a benefactor of either sides

2.    Check multiple sources; don’t believe the first thing you read. Read both sides of the argument.

3.    And whatever you do, don’t read the title and think it’s the cliff note for the whole article; this is how many of us share the wrong information.

4.    Try to read articles that speak to the history of the plant; not just articles/”evidence” that was provided post prohibition.

We live in the information age. We can no longer blame the media for misinforming the mass. It’s time we start to educate ourselves. Remember, just because something is wide spread as the truth, doesn’t make it the truth; get educated, stay educated.


“Issa Vibe,” in my 2 Chainz voice.